Who are the Councillors?

The Parish Council has 6 councillors and 1 vacancy. They are:

  • Jeremy Muller (Chairman)
  • Annie Lee (Vice Chair)
  • Judith Hole
  • Michael Wells
  • John Whitefield
  • Richard Brown

The Parish Council also employs a part-time clerk to oversee its day to day affairs.  

Parish Clerk: Vacant Email: clerklidgatepc@gmail.com

Councillors' Register of Interest forms can be viewed on the West Suffolk website

How often do elections take place?

Councillors are elected for a period of four years. 

How often does the Parish Council meet?

The Council meets every two months in January, March, May, July, September and November. Meeting usually take place on the second Wednesday. Additional planning meetings may be held if planning applications come in between meetings. There is also an Annual Parish Meeting which usually takes place in May. This is an open meeting for all electors of Lidgate and an opportunity to ask questions relating to village affairs.

What does the Parish Council actually do?

The Parish Council is responsible for setting the precept. This is money that the Council receives to cover the cost of the services it provides and any staff costs. The precept is one element of the Council Tax householders pay. The Council is responsible for the following property in the village:

  • The bus shelter
  • The village notice boards
  • The village sign
  • The play equipment on the field behind Orchard Close

In addition the Council provides financial support to village organisations by making a donations to the PCC, The Friends of Lidgate Churchyard and the Village Hall Management Committee.

The Council also acts as a link with other local government organisations like West Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council. Any problems in the village such as blocked drains, potholes, broken stiles on footpaths or faulty street lights are reported by the clerk.