Some important changes are being made to what you can put in your blue dry recycling bin. A countywide campaign has been launched to reduce the rising level of contamination. If you live in Suffolk you will receive a leaflet that you can keep to check you are putting the right materials in the correct recycling collection points.

  • Textile and clothes can no longer go in the blue bin. Please take them to charity shops or your nearest recycling centre.
  • Little things smaller than 4cm fall through the sorting process and won’t get recycled. Lids can be put on plastic bottles to make sure they are recycled, but lids from cartons or aerosols should be put in your residual waste bin.
  •  Aluminium foil needs to be rolled into a tennis ball size for recycling
  • Items such as food waste, glass, electrical items and batteries should never be put into the blue bin, but can be recycled elsewhere – 
  • Soiled nappies, an increasingly common contaminant, should always go in the black rubbish bin.

Details are also on line here